"Believes in sustainable continuous development"

Bangladesh is one of the largest ready-made garments exporters in the world where MASCO is playing a vital role .It started its journey as a ready-made garments exporter from june 2001 . Now it’s a vertically set up knit composite factory with all in-house facilities of knitting , sewing , placement printing , embroidery and laundry .

MASCO is now a well equipped group with modern machineries in all departments to ensure the best support to suite the taste of all customers .

The following strategic planning we follow –

Mission – Improvement in all time that brings sustainable development , where we prefer good thinking , better practice and best output .

Vision – Cope up us with 21st century’s change along with neo-invention make a timeable  social business environment as well as help to remove the unemployment problem .

Strategies – MASCO believes that development is a never ending process . Therefore it takes special care to improve all every steps and appreciates all innovation ideas for customers and employees welfare .

Policies – MASCO fosters a belief in long term relationship ethics with the customers and considers them as business partners . MASCO is a compliant company and strives hard to uphold its commitments to consumers .

Decisions – We believe that “ commitment is our first choice  “ and according this , improvement is happening everyday in everywhere at MASCO .

Actions –MASCO takes all its actions in SMART ( specific , measurable , achieveable , realistic and time scale ) way .